Saturday, June 9, 2012

just your typical average friday evening in berglandia. . .

well, minus a couple of wilson's "personal possessions."

this is my dog. this is my dog on drugs.
 "i hear your voice, mom, i just don't know where i should be looking."
 The post-op report goes like this:
  • there was no cone of shame. i was surprised. she said, "well, with bigger dogs, they can destroy your house." so now we just get to keep him from licking himself. wrapping a t-shirt around his back end doesn't work. maybe a pair of boxers???
  • we got a certificate of neuterfication. (i made that word up.)
  • for approximately the first two hours after being brought home, he wandered aimlessly in circles around and around in the family room. he whined a lot, which they told us was due to medication.
  • then he slept on my lap.
  • and then he fell asleep on the floor and was there til we went to bed.
  • slept fine during the night.
  • and then he woke up this morning excited and raring to go. thoughts of, "doesn't he realize that he is missing a few body parts?" and "for the love of all that is good and holy, please quit jumping on my back!" and "i think we need to go back to the vet for some doggy downers," crossed my mind.
  • so that's exactly what we did. we got wilson some happy drugs.
  • and i could totally tell when they started working.
i'm still waiting for my yellow to mellow. . .without psychotropic drugs.

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Kellie said...

HAHA... well, it may be a while. You know how those boys are.... Glad he came through the surgery well! :)