Tuesday, June 5, 2012

another rainy monday

the currents. . .

listening to the rain and occasionally the wind chimes making a little cling cla-cling cling cling cling.
eating nothing.
drinking nothing. but i am thirsty.
wearing jeans and a black t-shirt.
feeling a little tired. maybe a little bored.
wanting a scrapbook room fairy to come and clean up and organize in there. it's such a disaster. i don't even know where to start. while we're at it, can the garage fairy come too? i had to bring home all my school stuff and now i can't park in there. sadness.
needing a job. (i copied & pasted this list from a post i wrote on july 24, 2011. i didn't have to change my answer on this one. sad.)
thinking about next week. the big anniversary (#8) and birthday (#never mind) week.
enjoying my new free plants. a friend from church loaded me up yesterday with some black eyed susan transplants. i've been looking for them everywhere and they are no where to be found. they were looking a little wilty last night, but with all the rain today, they've perked right up. they aren't blooming yet, but when they do, they'll look like this. . .
wondering what sorts of fun tomorrow will bring.
creating some cards, occasionally some scrapbook pages.
procrastinating on switching the clothes to the dryer. and washing the dishes.
enjoying  Laura Story's Blessings cd. Thank you to the student who gave me the gift card to Target!
pondering the crazies on the show sister wives. we just started watching season 1 on netflix yesterday and i just don't get the whole sharing your husband thing. at all. for the record: there will be no sister wives or brother husbands in this house.
loving my phil505.
anticipating our ohio trip that is on the horizon.
finally it's wilson's big week - blood work tomorrow and surgery on friday. here's to a more calm and mellow dog!


Luci Smith said...

UM...don't count on the more calm and mellow pup. When I picked Mika up from the vet after "that surgery" he leaped (yes leaped) from the car straight into the house and made up for being gone all day long. He has not stopped since. Seriously......I think when they turn about they may start to calm down.

Kellie said...

I am still praying for you for that job, girlie. Enjoy your anniversary and birthday. Sounds like you have wonderful fun coming up soon with your trip to Ohio. :)