Sunday, June 24, 2012

allow me to post (before i lose all my faithful blog readers)

There's been a lot of moaning and groaning on facebook about my lack of posting.

It's hard to write when I don't feel like I've done anything blog worthy. Actually I wrote one a week ago but didn't post it. It was after Phil505 and I had been on a Craig's List mission to get some free pavers in North Portland (sadly they were gone before we got there) and he wanted to know if I wanted to buy The Viewpoint. Do you know what The Viewpoint is?
A strip club.

I think my answer to him was something like, "Uh. . . owning a strip club has never been on my list of things to do."

See, nothing worth writing home about.

But I'll try to manage to scrounge up a few things that will hopefully make some of you happy.

My husband came home from work on my 39th birthday with a box of mini bite-sized cupcakes from St. Cupcake. {He spoke my birthday love language.} Notice the other marionberry frosted one was missing. I ate that one first. It was soooo good.
A little later on my 39th birthday, my friend Barbara (yes, the same Barbara that's bashing my unblogging) showed up at my front door with a big box of strawberries. It seems she remembered me saying just a few days before that this summer I wanted to tackle strawberry jam. So the next day, I did. I was a little nervous, but it was easy.

I made two batches of freezer jam. We don't eat a whole lot of jam or jelly, so we'll be good for quite some time.
A few days after that, the UPS man silently left a perishable package by my front door. My sister surprised me with a box of Sheri's Berries, sort of a combo anniversary/birthday present.

We got two dipped in white chocolate, two dipped in chocolate and rolled in nuts, and two dipped in chocolate and rolled in mini chocolate chips. You guessed it, they were soooooo good.  No, the salad was not included.
But now I will have to eat salad the rest of the year to burn all that stuff off my butt and thighs.

We've been trying to get to the dog park when it's not raining. Wilson loves it and it's a whole lot easier to walk him there off-leash. My shoulders are less apt to be ripped out of socket. I think he found a girlfriend the other day. She's 5 months old and her name is Ellie. He was chasing her like crazy. True love? I think so. He also loves riding in the Jeep. See. . .
I've had two interviews in the last two weeks. One was for kindergarten at a Christian preschool. I didn't get it. I had another interview this past Thursday at Firm Foundation, the school I've been wanting to get in forever, for 3rd grade. Still waiting on a word back from them. Thanks for all your prayers. It means a lot to me.

So here's to a new week with hopefully something exciting to blog about!


bmarquez said...

Great blog! I love seeing my name in print.

I actually do know about The Viewpoint. It used to be Taylors Viewpoint and it was a great club with a live band and alcholic drinks. John and I could often be found there. The funny thing was we met up with my Aunt EvaGene and Uncle Bob who never missed a Saturday and could drink and dance us under the table. . . . 30 years older than us. Of course, that was prior to our Christiann life. I hope The Viewpoint sells to a nice family friendly business since it's not too far from my home.

Kellie said...

YAY! So glad to see you blog again. (Not that I can say anything for my last week... lol) LOVE the picture of Wilson hanging out of the Jeep. That made me smile.

I am SO PROUD OF YOU for making jam!! I'll be getting on mine soon.

Still praying for you for that perfect job. Third grade... hmm.... see, that fits you! Just praying that the Lord is seeing that for you, too. HUGS!

Luci Smith said...

Wendy...PRAYING for that job. 3rd grade....hmmm Jena is in 3rd grade.

What dog park do you go too? Mika needs to go to a dog park. He needs some doggy time with other dogs and not us humans. He LOVES dogs. Maybe we can go together soon. I have both girls in Summer Camp for most of the month of July....maybe we can get out there. I have to make appointments and more appointments though to deal with the mess I am in now....but sometime in the dog park with you would be great. I do not like to go alone...I am actually afraid of dogs.
I was going to hound you about blogging but Barbabra did such an amazing job I did not say anything. HEHE

Braintree said...

I like Barbara already!

Your "birthday love language". That gets spoken during your "birth week", right? ;-)

Well, I'm turning it into a "birth month" since I haven't made it to the P.O. yet. Consider it extending the fun.

We have to talk blog. Do I have your #?