Thursday, June 28, 2012

i can't get the little house theme song out of my head

Summer's when I get my reading on. Seems like I'm too tired during the school year to stay up late and read until my eyes just won't stay open anymore. (Note: this does not include my blogs. I somehow manage to squeeze those in during my lunch.) I just finished reading Prairie Tale by Melissa Gilbert the other night and, as I was almost done, a strange I've-got-to-watch-every-youtube-interview-of-Little-House-characters-ever-made sensation swept over me. And of course, every interview started off with the Little House theme song. Go ahead, click this link, hit play, then close your eyes and picture the covered wagon at the top of the hill. See what happens.

I think it was Mrs. Kurtz in first grade that introduced me to the Little House books. She read Little House in the Big Woods to us. I can remember when she got to the part where Pa gives Laura a spanking. Isn't that weird? Maybe it's because I was afraid of my own Pa giving me one. I don't know. Then I think Mrs. Rothaar in third grade read one or more of the series. I know I read the whole set of books myself, and I've read Little House in the Big Woods to a couple of my classes over the years, but I really should go back and reread them all. Just for kicks.
At home we watched the show, but I wouldn't say we were the most loyal of fans. We may have missed an episode or two, but when the series ended and they blew up the town, I remember my mom and I bawling our eyes out and my dad looking at us like we were the two craziest people he'd ever met.

I loved Laura Ingalls Wilder. Didn't you?


Kellie said...

Yes... we love Little House on the Prairie. :) When I read the series to Wesley and Mikayla it was a wonderful time for us. They still watch it some today. Now.... about the blowing up of the town.... I DID NOT SEE THAT. Did they do it in a show or do it with the Hollywood set or what? That just makes me sad!

Braintree said...

I am having flashbacks of you and Longwith having Little House marathons. I have never know two more devoted fans.

By the way, I love your writing. You.!

Braintree said...



Luci Smith said...

I loved Little House. I so wanted to be like Half Pint. She was my hero growing up. I wish my girls would get into it.....but sadly they have not. I think I am going to try the shows again. Thanks for memories.