Monday, April 23, 2012

woodland tulip festival 2012

I hope you all aren't tired of tulip pictures because I've got some to share from Sunday. It was a beeeee-uuuu-teee-fullll weekend in the northwest! (About time.)  Record high of 82 on Saturday and it seemed to be just as high on Sunday. We got a lot of yard work done and Phil rewarded me with a trip to the tulip fields. As soon as I got sight of it, I said with a contented sigh, "Thank you, Jesus." It's really breath-taking.

We were hoping for the fabulous clearance deal we got last year of $1 a bucket, but this year it was 5 for $10. Still not a bad deal. The crocuses were $1 a pot, so I got a bunch of those to change things up. I'm having so much fun planning my flower planting. Not sure if I know exactly what I'm doing, but it is looking better all the time. Once we get our mulch down, I'll post some before and after pics of the new back bed.

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Kellie said...

Yeah, I am jealous. I admit it. At least I am honest. Did I mention already I wish I lived closer????