Tuesday, April 24, 2012

week in the life - monday

And so we begin A Week in the Life for 2012. I'm trying to take different pictures than I did with my album last summer. That is challenging, I have to say.

Up at 4:18 (hit the snooze twice) and Wilson barks until I let him out of his crate at 5. He has to wait until I'm done getting ready. Poor little puppy thinks he's starving to death. See, he's making sure he didn't miss anything.
Got to work at 6 and followed the sunrise the whole way there. This is my favorite picture of the day. I kept saying, "please still be pretty, sky," until I can get my camera out. I thought this would make a beautiful picture, and I have to say, it did.
My desk shortly after I arrived. I only had 3 lists of things to do or get. Not bad for a Monday.
Need to go grocery shopping. Bad. Need to be a better meal planner as well. Need to buy erasers because I swear these kids eat them.
In my car just before I left work at 3:22.
Beautiful sunny day in the northwest. We have a new house since last year.
We weeded this side yard/drive on Sunday and want to get mulch, so Phil was measuring to know how much we need. Having mulch delivered is crazy expensive!
I have the best grocery bagger in the world!

We are addicted.
In the jeep in the Winco parking lot. I had to hold the camera upside down so I could press the button. I couldn't get it to flip. Sorry.
Breakfast for dinner, put away the groceries, washed dishes, and took Wilson for a long walk. Uploaded pictures and in bed at 9:57. Way too late to stay up.
And tomorrow is another day.


Braintree said...

Always wondered what your nostrils would look like upside down.

Kellie said...

What a day, girl. :) Love the upside down pic! haha!