Wednesday, April 25, 2012

tuesday came and went

Well, my pictures weren't as good today. I used my little digital camera and my phone because I didn't feel like lugging around the big guy. Going with what I got.

I have to unset the alarm when I get to work. It always freaks me out. I'm just sure that one of these days I'm going to hit the wrong code, which will make the alarm go off and the sherriff show up. And then I will look like a big dork.
Hydrating my poor dry "I've been working in the yard a lot" hands and the rest of my body. Aveda hand relief is seriously the best stuff around.

Halfway through the morning. Feeling very tired.
Surprised by a thank you note from a family of one of my students. Made my day!
Rather nutritious lunch. Salad and strawberries. Checking out other week in the lifers. I seriously love this project.
 Wilson's always so happy when I get home. He thinks he's still a lap dog.
Researching rhubard. We've got some in the garden. I love how he has his glasses.
Six months old and just over 40 pounds of yellow lab cuteness.

He also destroyed a pair of my Sketchers. Chewed the strap off one and ripped the back of the other one. Not so cute.
Quick trip to Target because we had a peanut butter crisis.

At night when he's really tired he likes to snuggle on my lap and let me pet his ears. And then he falls asleep and snores. I swear this dog makes more noises than a human. But I just love him to pieces.
Next up: Wednesday.


Braintree said...

Now that you have a lovely yard, I think those Sketchers deserve a proper burial. They were cute.

Good thing you didn't wear red on your peanut-butter-crisis-solving-spree. =)

Luci Smith said...

Oh Wendy....I love your blog and so thrilled to have more post to read. I am loving it. AND the pictures are awesome. Wilson is a big pup. It is fun watching them grow. Mika does not snuggle very much....maybe late at night. Though he is keep me good company on the couch right now as I can not get up for very long. He is bored and need a walk. We seriously need to get them together. Mika just loves dogs. AND kids.
You are beautiful.....I love the picture of you drinking water. It was water right? And the picture of Phil is awesome.

Kellie said...

Too stinkin' cute that Wilson is... can't believe he is already 6 months. Love your "day" posts.