Thursday, April 26, 2012

wendy. wednesday.

Took the most pictures today so far. Hauled the big camera around just because the quality seems so much better. Used the self-timer quite a few times too.

Q tips are my lifesaver. And only the real Q tips brand. No generics. I swear, I can't put mascara on right for the life of me. It ends up all over my stinkin' eyelid.
Wilson was waiting for me when I got out of the bathroom. He's always so happy in the mornings. (So much energy, so little time.)
Phil ended up having to call off from work because the brakes on his truck (that we just had fixed but didn't get fixed right) were making some really bad noises. As it turns out the bolts to the calipers weren't tightened down. That's scary! They fixed that part for us with no charge. Funny thing is, last year during WITL, we had another problem with the Jeep that we didn't end up getting charged for.
My 8:00 snack. Yogurt, homemade granola, and tea.
My classroom. I spend a lot of time in this little corner of the world.
A note from one of my boys. That's his pudgy little hand.
Almost home. One more exit after this one. Don't let that little bit of blue sky fool you. It was not a pretty day weather-wise.
Some new blossoms were waiting for me. I think this is some sort of azalea.
My violas that came back from last year.
The verbena is almost there.
Self-portrait in the kitchen window. Dirty windows. So much pollen from the big huge pine tree.
A couple loads of laundry.
 Vacuuming and dusting. Dishes and mopping. It was a housework kind of night.
I really need to get some stuff hung up on the walls around here.


Braintree said...

I was sooooo hoping to see the grey headband and a face full of Noxema as the last shot of the day. Somehow, the post does not feel complete without it...

Kellie said...

Too funny. Generics are good for some things but not others. Not sure if I can look at Q-tips the same way again. haha! :)