Monday, April 16, 2012

fragments of sunriver

much needed.
a weekend getaway for two.
in sunriver.
just past bend in central oregon.
groupon deal (score!) booked way back in october or november.
(before wilson.)
and, of course.
no dogs allowed.
(insert sad puppy dog eyes.)

wilson boarded for the first time.
it's true.
i went through withdrawal.
(he did too.)

a drive up to pilot butte.
snowy peaks of the central cascades in a big long line.
so beautiful.

finally found south century drive.
headed up to mt. bachelor.

busy day on the mountain.
which is really a butte, not a mountain.
but whatever.

so many skiiers.
i thought about skiing.
and how i'd for sure kill myself should i ever try it.
maybe i should put skiing on my bucket list.

our condo slept eight.
but it was just us.
sunlight pouring in.
a respite from all the rain we've put up with.
so quiet. so peaceful.
long walk on the trails.
a little shopping.
humungous hot tub.
time together to reconnect.

thanks, babe.
i love you.

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Kellie said...

That is awesome.... We are needing one of those soon, too.... Glad you had a wonderful time!