Thursday, April 19, 2012


wilson loves to go for walks. if you ask him if he wants to go outside for a walk he gets all up in your face. and then he chews the leash til you go out the door. and then once you're out there, he riles up the whole doggy neighborhood.

he's also a professional "catcher of the biscuit off his nose" deal. i finally got it on video the other morning. if i knew how to load a video on here, i'd totally show it to you.

my tulips finally opened up. nice pop of color in the front. i'm thinking maybe phil505 should take me up to woodland, wa this weekend to the tulip fields. it's not too far away. and it's cheap. two bucks a car.

i'm itching to get other stuff planted. maybe this weekend. if the weather holds out. we stocked up on baby geranium starts at the annual fred meyer fuschia saturday plant sale last weekend. i got some a couple years ago and they ended up being the best geraniums ever. i got more stuff than just geraniums, but i get giddy about the cheap geraniums the most.

i'm starting to feel nervous and worried and a bit apprehensive about my job coming to an end soon. i hate feeling this way. trusting in His bigger plan is a lot easier said than done. it doesn't feel good sometimes to have your faith stretched.

i've got to figure out what to do this summer. i'm going to have to work.

i'm also going back and forth in my mind and praying about whether i should continue to pursue a teaching career or if i should try to figure out something else to do. at times i feel like i've lost my spark. my magic. at times teaching is a real drag. but then i think about how much i have invested in all my stuff and the fact that i feel like i don't really know what else to do or what else i could be good at. 15 years is a long time to have the same kind of job. so let me pose a question for you. . . what job could you see me in? and don't say a professional scrapbooker. while fun, that's not being realistic.

thinking ahead to kindergarten graduation in a few weeks. i need ideas. what's the cutest thing you've ever seen at a kinder graduation? we're going to sing and quote a poem and some Scripture, but i need something else. i only have 8 kids to finish the year with, so nothing too complicated.

speaking of scrapbooking, a friend of my sister has asked me to make an album for her. she and her husband lost their 11 month old daughter to complications from a liver disease a couple years ago. i have lots of ideas and i've been doing a little research, but haven't been able to find anything online yet that has been created like this in memory of a baby. can anyone point me in a new direction?

speaking of scrapbooking (is there an echo in this room?) next week is the week in the life for 2012. i participated last year, in july, i believe, and i almost have my album done. i made it easy. i created 8X8 collages on picassa and did a page of bulleted journaling with a strip of patterned paper for each day. so all i have left is one title that i need to cut out and the title page. i looked at it the other night and it's amazing how much has already changed in our lives in less than a year. ok, well maybe not all that much. but we do have our own house now and a dog. you can get more details about this project on ali edwards' site.

on a lighter note, my ob/gyn office (which i recently visited for the ol' annual) has posters of tropical beaches up on the ceiling tiles for your viewing pleasure. as if a poster can transport you far, far away from what's going on. it did bring to mind the old sandy patty song, "another time, another place." 


Braintree said... with the GYN poster/Sandi Patty stuff!!

For Schwenner to get her groove back, you HAFTA, HAFTA, HAFTA grab a copy of Max Lucado's "Cure for the Common Life". It will work you through how to discern what God has uniquely equipped SCHWEN to do. It's where your delight & the world's great needs collide. Soooo helpful!

Kellie said...

I've been praying for you with the job situation. You are quite the talented lady so I know God has much in store for you. I completely understood everything you said about teaching, too....