Monday, April 9, 2012

because you all probably want to see easter pics.

Our old point and shoot has a self-timer. You set it and ten seconds later it takes three pictures. Our new DSLR (?) camera also has a self-timer. You set it and ten seconds later it takes pictures like the paparazzi. We were sooooooo not expecting that on Easter morning before we left for the annual church breakfast. It was quite hysterical. So I, being the good blogger that I am, decided to share a few of them with you. Not all of them, because some are so awful they just aren't meant for viewing outside these walls.

You'll notice that Phil505 is again wearing his Jesus tie. It's as much of an Easter tradition as me buying separate bags of Jelly Bellies at Winco because I only like juicy pear and mandarin orange while he likes a wide assortment, including licorice. Yuck. And I very well could be wearing the same lilac blouse I wore last year, or the year before. I know it goes back sometime.

So here we go.
Oops. . . I wasn't ready. I was trying to text my Uncle Joe.

OK. We're at least looking at the camera at this point.

And it was about this moment right here that we realized our camera was going to take like a million pictures of us.

And it made me laugh hysterically.

And then I thought, why not be a cheeseball and pull out my best red carpet poses?

And now Phil looks good (mind you, his head is cut off), but my hair is in my eyes.

Finally, one I love and think is facebook profile worthy.

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Kellie said...

This made me smile, big time. :) Love the fun you two have!! :) Now, why was Wilson not in these shots????? haha!