Sunday, November 6, 2011

day 11 of 30

Day 11 - total fluff post: what's in your makeup bag.

Here are the six things I use everyday. Clinique: foundation and blush (both colors have been discontinued so I don't know what I'll do when they're empty), loose powder, and touch base for eyes. It's made to be worn under eye shadow, but I just wear it because my eyelids are dark. Covergirl: professional mascara and concealer.

There's more junk in there like moisturizer, zit cream, eye shadow that I rarely wear, and some lipstick, but what you see is the real every day deal.


Kellie said...

My foundation has recently been discontinued, too. I am now in search mode for a new one. Argh. Who knew foundation could be so difficult. lol

bmarquez said...

I recommend talking with Beth M about foundation. I love her stuff but I'm sure you'll find something just right for you.