Saturday, November 5, 2011

let's talk christmas

So have I mentioned how I'm now "in charge" of the women's ministry at my church? Well, I don't know if being "in charge" is really the best way to describe it, but I'm in a leadership position that requires me to plan a few ladies' events throughout the year. The first one coming up here in just a few weeks is the Christmas luncheon. I've come up with a theme. . . repeat the sounding joy, and I've been searching pinterest for ideas. I typed repeat the sounding joy into the search box, and, I kid you not, this was the first thing that came up.

Somehow, it's not quite what I was going for when I began creating the theme. I was picturing trumpets and lots of brass and the word joy in all kinds of ways and places.

We typically have volunteers who decorate the tables, a catered lunch, singing, occasionally special music, a Christmas story read by our pastor's wife, and an ornament exchange. I'm not out to change the whole deal the first year, but I would like to maybe spice things up a bit. So tell me, dear readers, about Christmas events you've attended. Obviously I need them since I won't be using the antlered deer in a sweater graphic anytime soon.

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