Wednesday, November 9, 2011

our fall photo shoot

A couple weekends ago, we met up with Paul Smith, father of one of my former 2nd grade students, Emma, in a little park in Washougal, Washington. The weather was perfect. The light was great. Paul has a super amazing camera and an eye for great shots. I was thrilled when I got to see the proofs. I've wanted fall pictures of us for forever and these did not disappoint. Not one little bit. Let me share a few. . .

This one here is my current facebook profile pic. Like how we matched our clothes to nature? ha ha

Phil smiled! He never wants to smile for me.

This is usually what I get. Mr. Idontwantoshowmyteeth.

Ya, we had a couple kissy-poo pics. I kept telling him not to mess up my hair ;)

I wanted one in front of the monument. I liked the color and texture. And I love it. Squinty eyes and all. (Blonde Korean, anyone? That's a flashback to my college days.)

You can't tell, but we were up on top of the playground structure in this one. No, I did not go down the slide to get down.

Now I have to pick out which ones I want to order. Choices, choices, choices.


Kellie said...

These are great! Loved the colors. :) Glad Phil505 gave a real smile for you, too. :)

Jill said...

Gorgeous pics, Wendy!