Tuesday, August 2, 2011

the weekend report

Today I'll finish up sharing some pics with you from my Week in the Life project. There were definitely a lot more than this, but some I'm just choosing to keep for myself.


reorganized the pantry. discovered i don't need to buy tomatoes for a while.

saturday is change the sheets day.
baked some cookies in the afternoon. tried out a new recipe from my martha stewart cookie book that included white chocolate chips, oatmeal, and sliced almonds. sadly, white chocolate chips don't get all melty in the oven like regular chocolate chips.
went for a picnic down by the waterfront. the picnic tables were all taken, so we opted for a bench. fine by us. we like benches.
then we went for a walk. i wore the wrong kind of shoes and ended up with 3 blisters on my heels.

spotted vancouver, usa, on all the trash cans. i thought it looked kind of cool. it looks even better on my collage for the day!
later phil went to watch a portland timbers game and i stayed home to scrap a little, talk to my sister, do my bible study, and relax. i'm working on a little 2-up baby album, making simple journaling cards.


ever since i got engaged, i've been cleaning my ring on sunday morning. once we got married, i try to remember to grab phil's too. i like the way it makes the diamonds sparkle under the lights in the church sanctuary.

time for church.

lazy day. read some old scrapbook magazines for inspiration. phil's on the computer playing games in the background.

one last self-portrait to finish off the week.

i've finished my collages. now i need to get them printed and get the journaling typed out. my plan is to keep this super simple and let the words and pictures speak for themselves. i've never participated in this project before, but i now know that i'd like to do it again some day.

i like how this project was so open and allowed me the chance to peek into the lives of so many different people. i loved how ali had all the different links on her page each day. it was fun to get a glimpse of the daily routines of life from all around the world. i have to admit, it was pretty awesome to see way more traffic on my blog too. the 219 pictures taken this week have made me more aware of the blessings i have in my life and helped me to realize a few things that i need to work on changing. any project that does that is worth repeating in my book.

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Kellie said...

That is great, Wendy! I know it will be something so special when you finish it. Sorry about the blisters... have been there! lol I don't clean my rings often enough.. but I really do love the way the rings shimmers under the lights at church and other places that have that kind of lighting. :)