Saturday, July 30, 2011

friday = another day documented

I think I took the most pictures on Friday so far this week. Of course, date night had a lot to do with that, as you will soon see. I was also trying to get more pictures of myself doing the routine things. Don't worry, I won't show them all to you. I think I'll probably end up doing two collages for Friday. One for the daily stuff and one for date night. There are just too many good pictures to put on one 8X8.


berries for breakfast.

hardly a day goes by that i don't have tea in some form. salada tea, mandarin orange green tea, iced tea.

worked out.

i'm thankful for contacts. i'm blind as a bat without them. i really hate wearing glasses. i've had them since 2nd grade. it seems like i can never find any to fit my face right. contacts make my life so much easier.

phil calls me his turbaned wife every time he sees me with the towel wrapped around my head. this is for you, babe!

painted my toenails.

he was all about taking pictures of me today. i like this one, even though it's shadowy.

went for a drive along marine drive. columia river on one side, portland international airport on the other. phil's racing a plane that just landed.

turned around to head for the mountain. it was such a beautiful day.

stopped for fresh raspberry smoothies at burgerville. for the record, smoothies have way less calories than a milkshake!

highway 26 to mt. hood.

timberline lodge. there were no vacancies. (not that we could've afforded to stay there.)

look at the top center window. now that would be a table with a view. . .

because you'd look out and see this. mt. jefferson. love all the shades of blue/gray in the layers of mountains.

i love coming up here.

a nice lady in the parking lot took our picture. probably my favorite from the whole day!

heading down to government camp, we stopped to see some freshly melted snow. i love waterfalls.

ate dinner here.


mem.michelle said...

Came over from Ali's website. What delightful pictures!!

Kellie said...

I so want to come visit you. Or just stay with you for an extended time. I am beyond jealous of all the beautiful parts of God's Creation that you see. Love your "day" documented. :)

OH... and on the kids pictures I just used my black backdrop. :)

bmarquez said...

WOW I had some catching up to do since you started documenting daily. Good stuff but I'd love to be a fly on the wall when you set up to take some of those pictures of yourself. :/)