Friday, July 29, 2011

life on the 4th day


after my usual daily checks of all things internet-y and inspiration from a few links off ali's blog, i unloaded the dishwasher. real exciting life I live.

in my quest of trying to tackle one organizational problem every day this week, today I emptied out the silverware drawer, washed out all the dividers, and put everything back in its place. this has been needing to be done for a while now. glad it's checked off my list. and it's so much easier than cleaning all the scrapbook crap off the dining room table!

the 7-day forecast is looking pretty nice. summer has finally arrived in the Pacific northwest.

self-portrait before i left. it was time to get out of the house for a while. i'm still trying to decide if i like my bangs grown out.

went to walmart for a few things. got all depressed when i saw the back-to-school supplies out. usually i want to go up and down every single aisle and see what's cheap. (by the way, the small boxes of crayola crayons were still 40 cents. way too much.) today i was all like, "ahhh. . . i need a job." it sucks to be an unemployed teacher.

it was phil's long day at work, so i still had some time to kill. thought i'd go browse a favorite little store of mine. could it be true? the scrapbook aisle looked like it shrunk. :(

my one little TM purchase - a cute little bag for hannah. her birthday is coming up in a couple weeks and this is the last of her wad-o-stuff she's getting. and what 9 year old wouldn't love a cute monogrammed bag with polka dot ric rac?

no real mail today. just bills and other junk to recycle. mom, where's that package you said you were mailing me????

after work phil had to get new tabs for his jeep. $48.

another self-portrait later in the afternoon. it is hard to do with a big clunky camera.

later in the evening i worked on my collages for the first four days. i'm loving this project even though i feel like i'm racking my brain more and more each day to get something different in my photos. 


Kellie said...

Your seven day forecast hasn't been seen here in MONTHS. No wonder you could cook soup, girl! Enjoy it for me!!!! I like your bangs growing out, by the way....

Dawn said...

I love this project! Think of the legacy you are leaving. This was a great idea. Love the grown out bangs too!