Tuesday, June 14, 2011

lucky #7

On Sunday we celebrated 7 years of holy matrimony. In the days leading up to it, Phil505 kept asking me what I wanted to do. I never know what to do. He's the planner. I'm the enjoyer of his planning. And I kind of like it that way. But I finally gave into peer pressure and said, "Let's go to Skamania Lodge." So that's what we did. We stopped at Starbucks, drove by "our house," and then took a lovely drive out Rt. 14 on the Washington side of the Columbia River and headed toward Stevenson, Washington. Here's the view from Cape Horn. It makes you feel all Lewis and Clark-sy to be up there. It may be hard to tell from the picture, but it is so high up right there that I barely even wanted to get out of the car for fear of falling over the edge.

First we went up a cliffy little road in search of a waterfall. Phil had mapped it all out and had printed the directions and everything. It was way up in no man's land. I'm talking major wilderness, people! As I got out of the Jeep and headed across the road looking for the unmarked trail to the Duncan Creek Falls, I thought to myself, "And this is where the bear comes out and claws us both to death and no one will know because we didn't tell anyone else we were coming up here." To say it freaked me out a little is an understatement.

As it turns out, there were actually three unmarked trails, and, maybe we chickened out a little, but we didn't choose to take any of them. Instead we just hung out there for a bit, and went on our merry little way.

The Lodge was beautiful and it has the biggest fireplace I think I've ever seen. We ate outside on the patio and enjoyed the scenery.

I took lots of nice pictures, but apparently our memory card must be going bad because it would only upload about 10 pictures and freezes up after that. (That was sadly reminiscent of our wedding when our photographer lost a ton of our pictures when he was moving them over onto his external hard drive.)

We mosied on home and ended up getting a movie to watch later that evening. Ever heard of 127 Hours? It's the one where the guy, who's all by himself and didn't tell anyone where he was going, gets his hand stuck by a rock way down in some canyon in Utah. Ya, he ends up cutting his own arm off. That part was totally gross and I probably threw up a little in my mouth more than once while watching that movie, but overall it was really good. And it was a reminder to me that if we go on a search for any remote waterfalls we need to tell someone where we're going. Just in case of bears. Or rocks.

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Kellie said...

You always make me laugh. :)

Happy Anniversary to you two! Glad you had a great day. I would have chickened out, too, if the trails were unmarked. Just always remember to tell someone where you are going. ha!