Tuesday, June 21, 2011

summer is here

The clouds have parted (cue the angelic voices) and the sun is beginning to warm things up around here.

It's about time.

You think I jest about all the rain, yet just the other day it was so wet I noticed a stinkin' conch shell climbing up the back of my house. I didn't know snails could get such a big shell. Seriously, we could've had escargo for dinner it was so big.

Phil505 is on vacation this week. Yesterday we worked on the front yard. We bagged and packed 1 cubic yard of mulch into the back of his Jeep. Then we worked our hind ends off. I keep looking out the front windows at our pretty yard. Well, it's not technically our yard, but it sure looks nice.

He took me to the beach today. It was so sunny we had to stop for sunscreen. I mean, how often does that happen around here?

There were whales. There were sea lions. There was a perfect bench in a perfect spot in Depoe Bay.

We don't want to tell anyone where it is for fear that it will be overrun by a bunch of heathens. (Not that any of you are heathens or anything.)

There was a picnic lunch.

There was fish and chips for dinner. There were trinket shops and tsunami hazard signs.

There was a long walk on the beach. There was a sunset over the mountains on the way home.

There was the discussion we have every single time on the highway as we're heading toward Salem - "Which mountain is that? Hood or Jefferson? Wait, is that Three Sisters or 3 Fingered Jack? Maybe it's Broken Top."

Later this week I have to share all my 4th of July crafty doodle projects I have in the works. You won't want to miss it.

Or maybe you will.


bmarquez said...

Where are the whale pics?

Kellie said...

Sounds like a perfect beginning to your summer. :) Glad Phil505 had some time off for you to share. :)

bmarquez said...

Gosh. . . . where are those whales?