Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I just mopped the kitchen floor.

It smells like orange Lysol in here.

Children get naughty in the last month of school.

They've spent a lot of time on the wall this week.

And it's only Tuesday.

My parent's phone line is down.

Makes talking to them rather difficult.

Mount St. Helens blew its top 30 years ago yesterday.

Here's a picture of it taken a few weekends ago when we were out and about with Flat Stanley.

Phil505 mowed the yard today.

Diagonal lines left by the lawnmower are my favorite.

The tulips are about gone now.

I need to plant new flowers and cover up the ugliness.

Martha Stewart once said to braid the stems left from daffodils.

It makes your flower beds look prettier.

That woman has too much time on her hands.

My new contacts arrived in the mail today.

Now maybe my eyes won't feel like they're full of grit.

The two sisters on the purple team made it to the final four on Biggest Loser.

I want one of them to win.

Some day I want to get a dog and name it Wilson.

Phil505 says he should get a dog too and name it Phillips.

Then we'd have Wilson Phillips.

1 comment:

Kellie said...

I missed this earlier in the week! Too funny about the dog names... I am rooting for one of the purple team sisters to win, too.

And, yes, Martha Stewart has too much time on her hands if she can braid the stems of flowers.