Tuesday, April 19, 2011


1 - number of flat tires we had this weekend. On Sunday morning. Just a mere half hour before church started.

650 - approximate number of cranks it took Phil505 to jack the Jeep up.

0 - the number of bedbugs brought home from the hotel we stayed at this weekend. And yes, I check. Don't you?

8 - the number of glasses of water I've had today.

9,872 - number of times this week I've been asked about the house. OK, perhaps I exaggerate. But we did find out today from the "short sale oversight team" that we indeed should've already heard something. Should've, but didn't. Nice.

5 - the number of ties I wore (4 forward, one backward) for crazy hat, tie & slippers day today.

2 - the number of tulips out back that have officially bloomed. Here's one for your viewing pleasure.

3 - the number of consecutive sunny days we've had.

55 - the high temperature for today.

6 - the number of seasonal/holiday items I still have out that are way past their prime.

0 - the number of Easter items I have out.

505 - my husband's magic number.

13 - my favorite number.

5 - the number of police officers I passed going to and coming home from school today. Now that the sun is out, so are the cops.

54 - the number of days til our 7th anniversary.

55 - the number of days til my 29th birthday. (Don't we all wish?)

2 - the number of comments on my last post. And I'll be looking to improve that number this time around.


Luci said...

The sunshine is wonderful. Enjoy it while it lasts. I use to know how to change a tire.....back in my younger days. AND....praying for news on the house. I remember when we were waiting and praying...GOD, I just want to know yes or no....I just want to know. Praying.

Dawn said...

This 'by the numbers' post idea looks familiar :)

Kellie said...

Glad you are seeing signs of spring and actually had 3 days of sunshine! :) I dreamed last night that I still had up Christmas decorations so it is fine that you still have out of season knick knacks around. lol

Hope you hear about the house soon! I'll keep praying!