Thursday, April 14, 2011

14 on the 14th

7 things bugging me right now: 1. The fact that I went into Costco yesterday to get my vitamins (the adult chewy kind, of course), walked all the way to the checkout, and the guy tells me the coupon didn't start til today. What's up with sending out coupons two weeks in advance, oh wacked out Costco people? And yes, I went to Costco just for vitamins. 2. Paying income taxes to Oregon just because we work there. 3. The price of jet fuel. Plane tickets from Portland, OR to Columbus, OH are currently running at a whopping $1,000 a piece. I told my sister that if I never see her again to please remember she's always in my heart. Because at this rate, it feels like I'll never see her again. I said, "Win the stinkin' lottery so your children will know who their aunt is." 4. Not knowing about the house deal. Driving. Me. Nuts. 5. The never-ending rain. Where is spring already? 6. My tulips are up but not open. 7. My scrapbook room disaster. 7 Things that are making me happy right now: 1. My cup of Salada tea. Thanks, Mom. 2. Phil and I are going to Sweet Home, OR this weekend for a reception. He's going to show me some new places I've never been, and we get to see an old friend and his new wife. 3. T-minus 17 pounds and counting on the ol' diet plan. 4. Report cards for the 3rd quarter are done. 5. Tomorrow I've got a hair appointment for a new do + highlights. 6. The dishwasher was unloaded when I got home from parent teacher conferences tonight. 7. Knowing that God's got the house deal all under control. Because it's surely out of ours.


Kellie said...

God is surely in control. I know it is so hard to wait.

That definitely stinks having to pay income tax to Oregon AND that price tag on those flights! YIKES!! I surely hope you get to visit with your family soon.

How was your new "do?" Proud of you on the diet plan!

Dana said...

17 lbs. Yeeeaaaaa!!!!!