Wednesday, April 20, 2011

the fine art of clash day

Ahhh. . . Clash Day. Glorious Clash Day! It's one of my most favorite parts of Spirit Week. Let me give you a few helpful hints I've discovered over the years.

1. I know it sounds strange, and maybe a bit too matchy-matchy, but pick a color scheme. This year I chose to go with red & black. This way, I can easily grab anything in my closet that has those colors. And obviously, don't be afraid to mix stripes, polkas, prints, and your husband's Live Strong Hood to Coast bracelets. It is Clash Day after all.

2. Raid your scrapbook supply for big fluffy purple daisies and clip them to your headband. Purple is half-red, so it's ok.

3. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. I had on about four different bracelets, one pink rose pin, and my sunglasses. I later wrapped some itchy Valentine's Day garland around my arm. I mean, it had red in it and all.

4. Never underestimate the power of the striped bag you got from Goodwill that someone had previously gotten free from Estee Lauder. We all know that it's the bag that makes the outfit.

5. Raid your school's craft room/closet. A red & white plastic tablecloth makes an amazing faux skirt.

6. Be sure to secure the maracas to your belt before leaving the classroom. As if you already hadn't been noticed, they do make extra fun spirited noise during the judging.

7. Wear two different (and if possible, funky) shoes, but check to make sure they're not both LEFT shoes before you put them in your red striped Goodwill Estee Lauder bag.

8. Always get dressed at school.

9. Pretend you're a model and do a little mock runway walk for your class. They will cheer for you like you're Petra Nemkova. Then choose a semi-responsible child to take a mini photo shoot.

10. And, finally, act like a complete and total dork.

PS: I think I've finally figured out that if I upload my pictures smaller, you should be able to click on it and make it bigger. Go ahead. Click on that picture and see me in all my glory.


Luci said...

Just showed the girls your picture after I clicked on it to make it bigger. Well, your former students says "WOW....Mrs. Burgland looks jazzy. I hope she is wearing something under her tablecloth."
You are the funnest teacher I tell ya.

Kellie said...

LOL!! LOVE IT. We do tacky day sometimes and I do love a good day like that. It is so fun to raid to the closet and see how crazy you look. Next time I'll have to have one of my students take a fashion photog of me. hahaha!