Wednesday, March 30, 2011

first things first

First thing this morning I hit the snooze. That is a bad habit to get oneself into. First thing this morning I had brown rice for breakfast. Along with my 1 1/2 scrambled eggs and 1/2 a grapefruit. It's been 17 days since I've had any kind of rice (or potatoes or pasta or anything extra loaded with carbs - we're following the 17 Day diet plan) and let me tell you, breakfast has never been so good. Hello phase 2! It's so good to see you. It's also remarkable to note that I've not had bread in 17 days. OK, I take that back. On Saturday we had lunch at Shari's and our chicken/salmon Caesar salads came with a piece of flatbread. We both looked at each other with longing in our eyes that said, "If you eat your flatbread, I'll eat my flatbread and no one will have to know." We caved. And just like Eve, I took the first bite. And just like Adam, he sinned and ate the bread too. But we'd been doing so well, and besides, my mom said one piece of flatbread isn't going to hurt us. Thank you, Sharon R. Kline. First thing this morning I opened the garage door and nearly got blown over by the wind. Have I mentioned how much I hate driving over that blasted 205 bridge in the wind? First thing this morning I noticed three of my daffodils were finally opened. Now to keep the neighbor kids out of my flower beds. First thing this morning we had our weekly staff meeting in a room where they'd been storing fresh flowers from a recent funeral. To say that there was a tiny bit of pollen floating around in the air would be an understatement. My poor nasal passages. Pass the Claritin, please. First thing this morning first grade student, Mr. N., comes in with a big ol' smile on his face. "Mrs. Bergland," he says, "I came to school today in a brand new car. It was a Chevrolet." I don't know, but I find it kind of funny that he had to tell me it was a Chevrolet.

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Kellie said...

LOL... too funny. :)