Thursday, March 31, 2011

is it just me?

I'm a bit perturbed with blogger at the moment. It won't let me leave a double space between my paragraphs. And last night I had planned a fabulous post with a bunch of pretty pictures and it wouldn't let me upload any of them. Is this happening to you? Well, then I have the problem that a lot of my faithful readers don't really blog. Or don't blog that much. So now I feel like I'm talking to the wall. Help me feel like I'm not talking to the wall and leave me some love.


Paul Smith said...

There is no way I can help you with computer blogging problems....sorry friend. I still have not figured out how to make my own Google account and there for I am still using Paul's name. BUT I can tell you that you are loved and well the only blog I read is yours....and yes I do check it daily....Love ya Mrs. Berglund.

Luci said...

Hey way cool tech husband help finally get this thing set cool.

bmarquez said...

Love. . . . love. . . .love. . . . all you need is love. You got it sister!

Kellie said...

I feel like I am talking to a wall a lot of days. Feel your pain, girl.

I haven't had issues with blogger recently, but have been there before. Again, feel your pain, girl.

Hope things are better now. I am so behind on the blogs of my peeps.