Saturday, February 26, 2011

thoughts for today

listening to 48 hours from the living room.
eating nothing now, but pizza earlier.
drinking water.
wearing pj's.
feeling myself winding down & getting sleepy.
wanting a house that's ours.
needing to organize my scrapbook stuff.
thinking about 100th day on monday and what the heck we're going to do all day. i have to do the whole thing differently from last year because i have some of the same kids. any ideas???
enjoying a day off - coffee & shopping at my favorite stores with a friend and a clean refrigerator.
wondering what my sister did today.
admiring Rachel for putting the poor chicken out of its misery. rach, you are far more brave than i could ever think about being.
creating a card for a friend who had surgery this week.
procrastinating on doing my lesson plans and grading. no real surprise there.
pondering my chapel lesson on Monday morning. "blessed are the merciful."
loving how i come around the curve off the freeway exit and all i see in front of me are the mountains covered in snow. absolutely stunning. i never get tired of it.
anticipating my daffodils and tulips blooming & spring break.
your turn.


Kellie said...

Oh yeah... I'll be stealing this from ya, girl. In the last week I was wanting to find another one of these so you helped me find one! lol :) Loved reading your things. I really hope you get a home of your own very soon. I am jealous of the view of the mountains....

Dawn said...

You went shopping with a clean refrigerator? Wow, things are sure different in the Northwest! Lol! Had to bust you for that dangling participle. Mrs. Griffin would be proud of me for noticing :)