Friday, March 4, 2011

flashback friday #23

photo circa December 1994

This is for you, Dawn, my faithful reader from Maine (and former dormmate). Remember that one time we dressed up as nun twins for a Halloween skating party? Ah, the good ol' days. Well, I just wanted to show a little appreciation to you today for pointing out a recent grammatical error I made in my last post. . . something about a dangling participle and me going shopping with a clean refrigerator.
Holy cow! I didn't even remember Mrs. Griffin until you mentioned her name, although, now that I think about it, I did love her classes - English Comp. 102 and Literature of something somewhere. Maybe it was her southern drawl. Maybe it was that she was so tall and old school. Maybe it was because. . . I don't know. But that's why you are wearing those honor cords, oh smart one, because you remembered her lessons on dangling participles! Now go get a blog going already.
Oh, and check out my bangs, would ya? Geez.
PS - This picture almost makes me want to sing the alma mater. . . with sign language. For Jean - the Ripper.

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Dawn said...

Oh Schwen! I miss you! Your bangs? Check out mine! They were so high that my mortar board was tilted backwards! Jean the Ripper. . . Thanks for the laugh! This is my favorite post yet!