Saturday, January 1, 2011

how i spent the last part of my christmas break

Last year I made my mom a calendar for her birthday. It was such a big hit that my sister begged for one this year too. I told her if she'd send me a CD with all her pictures that I'd think about it. She did, up til October, so there are no trick or treat photos :(

So I bought mom's actual calendar several months ago, but Jenny's got done first. I got an 8 X 8 Basic Grey kit at Craft Warehouse (for 40% off - woot!) that had everything in it except the pictures. At first it was a little overwhelming with all the chipboard and stickers rub ons and die cuts. But once I got everything sorted out into piles by month, it went rather quickly. So without further ado, here's the 2011 calendar for my little sister.

starting with the cover

January - all the pages behind the pics were preprinted; that saved a ton of time.

February - I chose this picture of the two of us because this darn thing was a labor of love :)

Her birthday is in March and we're blessed to have our Grandma. I know it says lucky, but I had to work with what was there. I love this page!

Her kids featured in April.

And again in May.

Hannah Banana is the model for June.

A funny picture of all four of them for July.

The sun is bright in August. This picture cracks me up.

Little blondie boy for September. I thought it was strange not to have a back to school theme, but then again, I didn't design the calendar kit.

October - Max, the dog, dressed up as a psycho. Oh wait, he's already a psycho.
And the cutie patootie boys in November. This one is a little off because it was supposed to have a vertical photo and I forgot to crop one vertically. Oh well. It works.

And the kids in front of the tree for December.

So now I need to finish mom's. Hers is quite different and is requiring a lot more thought and creativity. I'll share it when I get it done.

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Kellie said...

This is awesome. Definitely a LOVE GIFT!!! You are super duper talented my friend. :)