Wednesday, November 17, 2010

total turkification

I am soooo not an artist. But I can somehow manage to get the children to create some darn cute turkeys every year. This time around I changed up the feathers. In the art closet at school we have a bunch of old wallpaper sample books. I thought they'd be perfect for creating feather patterns, to extend our math unit. And because I'm a big meany, I don't give them a stencil to trace. I make them cut out their own all by themselves.

Meet Mr. ABCC. He's suffering from thinning feather syndrome. Perhaps some Rogaine is in order.

Next up we have Ms. AABC. Her feathers are short and sweet and to the point. No fuss. No frills.

Ms. ABCC needs to get some medical attention for her feet. Looks painful. Maybe if she lost some weight. . .

Ms. ABBC. The Leaning Tower of Turkey Feathers.

Finally, Mr. ABC. Daddy Longlegs is really pulling off the geometrical design well. For some reason, this one is my personal favorite.


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Kellie said...

That is so cute!!! I love the "geometrical" turkey, too. :) Great idea!!!