Saturday, November 13, 2010

december daily 2009

Last year I decided to join the scrapbooking bandwagon and make an album for the whole month. Ali Edwards is kind of the inspiration behind the project and she showcases hers on her blog every year. The idea behind it is to prepare the album ahead of time so that when December rolls around, it's pretty much ready to go. All you add are the pictures, journaling, and little bits and pieces of December.

I started out gung-ho in the preparation part, used up a lot of scraps from papers I had used for school projects and that tag book I made my mom two years ago, but knew that I wouldn't be able to get to it every single day. So I took notes on 5X7 index cards (which I left on my nightstand so I'd remember to jot something down about the day). And I blogged. And I kept all sorts of things in a big plastic container. I worked on it a little bit last December, but didn't really get very far.

But now it's that time again, to start prepping the new album for December 2010. And I want to do another one, but I thought that first I might want to finish the one from last year. Yes, I'm a procrastinator and proud of it.

Here's the cover. It started out as two pieces of 8X8 black chipboard. I covered it with patterned paper, inked the edges, added some chipboard die cuts, stuck on the title, and bound it together with 1 1/2 inch binder rings.

And then the story begins with Day 1. I also added a little blurb about this being my first time attempting this project and using this kind of album with all sorts of different page sizes. I still want to add the year on the inside cover, just haven't gotten to it yet.

Didn't really have much for day 2, but I did record a little conversation that I had with Phil505, so I just used this little he said, she said journaling block.

I wanted to save some cool Christmas cards and the photo cards we'd received and so I included them here and there. There you are, Dawn!

I love these little Bingo cards. I used a little bling to circle around the 4.

I covered the back with paper and stuck some pictures on with some journaling strips.

Another photo from a card on the back and then the record of our first hand cut Christmas tree. I used the Printing Press cartridge for all the numbers and a few titles. I like how it looks like an eclectic mixture of fonts :)
Day 7 was a Sunday and we decorated the tree after church.

On the back is a picture of the tree all lit up and on the other side I used a Starbucks cardboard sleeve to make a pocket. I put a strong adhesive on the sides and across the bottom. I found my shopping list from last year in a notebook the other day, so I folded it up and slipped it on in.
I would've liked it a little lower on the page, but I had already attached the little tag and it was impossible to move. Such is life when you preplan pages.

On the back, another photo card, and on the other side, I have a picture of a favorite ornament from my friend, Marilee. I wrote a blog post about her on the 9th of December, so I printed it out and used that for my journaling.

It was a long post, so there's more on the back.

And even more underneath when you lift up the tab. And yes, I punched the holes in the wrong spot, and I'm trying not to let that bother me too much. The next page is a skinny half of a circle. It's just different, and I like it.

I got to showcase how I won a blog contest that day. Woot!

I've worked ahead on some other pages, but I'm not ready to show them yet. Plus this is an incredibly long picture heavy post anyway. So I'll save some for another rainy day.

It's really turning out to be my most favorite album ever. I'd highly recommend you make one. Just so we can be on the same bandwagon.


Kellie said...

That is so neat. I would join you but time is not on my side. lol :) I need to get with the program on many pictures, though!

Dawn said...

Amazing album! So glad I finally made it into one of your blog posts :)

New Every Morning said...

Wow! This is incredibly beautiful!