Saturday, October 16, 2010

determining the day

This will be random.

Random situations seem to pop into our lives at random times. Some good. Some not so good.

I told you it's random.

But how you react, Who you turn to, the voice you choose to listen to, at those certain random times will, essentially, determine what kind of day you'll end up having or how the rest of your day will go.

Take, for instance, the following:

  • "Mrs. Bergland! There's pee on the playground structure. Somebody's peeing!!!" Because sometimes it's just too hard to hold it in. Especially at recess.
  • "Yes, you may use your 15% off teacher discount on your new Cricut cartridge!" Because teachers spend a boatload of money on stuff all year long and even if this never gets used in the classroom, JoAnn Fabrics appreciates my profession.
  • "Thanks, Aunt Dee, for sending me that stuff in the mail." Because a niece is meant to be spoiled and loved on, even when her aunt lives 2,000 miles away.
  • "My leaf didn't have any other colors but orange. It's all orange. Everybody else's leaf has different colors." Because sometimes kids don't listen to directions and don't take suggestions of doing things differently to heart.
  • "I love it when you play the piano for church." Because sometimes it's just people noticing the little things you do.
  • "Your Aunt Nancy does not have breast cancer, but she has cancer in her liver, her spine, and both thighs." Because the cancer monster has raised its ugly head once again in my family.
  • "Babe, I have something for you. I recharged my old Starbucks gift card so you can have guilt-free stops any time you want." Because grande white chocolate mochas run about $5 a pop at your local Starbucks and it's awesome when your husband knows you really want to stop for one but you don't because they cost $5 a pop.
  • "Can you turn around so I can see the front of your hair?" Because having a good hair girl really pays off when you least expect it.


bmarquez said...

My random fav is peeing on the playground equipment.

How do I get that 15% off? I am a school employee and Learning Palace honors that. . . . . along with being a Sunday School teacher. And last but not least, what cartridge did you receive 15% off on?

Kellie said...

Loved your random thoughts. So sorry to hear about your aunt...

You got some good deals at JoAnn's! I am impressed. :)