Sunday, October 10, 2010


The box of fall stuff came down from the closet. It's like Christmas to open that box. Every year I forget what I have had tucked away for the last ten months.

First to go up, the berry wreath on the front door. Looking at this picture, I think the thing needs some more fluffing. Or perhaps less fluffing and better shaping.

New to the collection this year. . .these super cute pumpkins. They remind me of Willow Tree Angels. . . solid, but a little on the fragile side. 40% off at Michael's. I'm trying to figure out where to put them.

Also new, this bunch of fall flowers. They were marked 50% off, but rang up at $.69 - way less than 50% off. If I would've known that, I would've gotten two. Anyway, these are going in a little cone-shaped wall hanging thing that is currently being spray painted outside.

It's not October without my favorites - mini pumpkins. I love, love, love these.

Now I should go dust so I can actually get this stuff put out :)

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Kellie said...

Lots of cute stuff, there!!! :)