Friday, September 10, 2010

i only had. . .

  • I only had one mom ask me for a syllabus at open house. For first grade. I always thought you got those when you went to college.
  • I only had one kid tell me he didn't know what a question was when he raised his hand to ask a question and I said, "What's your question?"
  • I only had one white chocolate mocha all week.
  • I only had like a total of five minutes every day this week to eat my lunch.
  • I only had one yogurt explosion. Same kid as last year.
  • I only had two kids cry. One because he got an oops. One because she didn't want to go to the big bathroom by herself. That was after I reassured her that all the doors to the school were locked and there weren't any bad guys going to get her.
  • I only gave out the one oops, but I should've given a few more. Next week is coming. . .
  • I only had to download adobe twice. Once on a co-worker's computer that I was using because my cd-rom wouldn't open. And once on mine, when I finally got the cd-rom to open.
  • I only had to order pizza one night this week. Phil505 saved the day on Wednesday with a delicious grilled cheese while I soaked my feet in hot, soapy lavender water. I added the tomato soup. And tonight the PTO put on a little tailgate party in the hopes of winning $10,000 from the NFL for promoting health and wellness. The funny thing is, they were serving brats, pizza, chips, and cake at this health and wellness shin-dig. I did opt for the chicken, in case you were wondering.
  • I only had three days of school. And that, my friends, was plenty.

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Kellie said...

Yes, 3 days of school for the first week are MIGHTY PLENTY. Glad you got to soak your feet!