Sunday, September 12, 2010

quite possibly the world's weirdest tomato

Grown right here, in the gardens of Berglandia. It's almost flower-like, yet so deformed.

But at least it's red.

And thank you, Phil505, you make an excellent hand model.

I canned about 18-19 quarts of salsa yesterday. It's hard to tell exactly when you use three different sizes of jars. Maybe five or six tomatoes from our garden actually were ripe enough to be included. And I picked eight medium sized green peppers too. I had to buy everything else. I always feel so Suzy Homemakerish when I put my freshly canned jars away.

Bring on the chili and the chicken tortilla soup! Ole'.


bmarquez said...

I'm glad that tomato didn't make it in the salsa.

Kellie said...

Quite strange indeed... lol

Don't you think you could ship me some of your salsa? Yeah, I think you can.

bmarquez said...

I'm really tired of looking at that sorry tomato. I know for a fact you have nicer ones.