Wednesday, May 19, 2010

ten on tuesday (the let's see how fast i can get this post done edition)

1. I booked my tickets today and I got window seats on all four flights!!! I'll be in Ohio June 23-July 3. I'll be attending Ms. Lang's wedding. I'm the honored Scripture reader. Feeling pretty darn special about that.

2. I have a layover in Minneapolis. I've already got a headache thinking about it. Minneapolis and I don't have a great history together. You remember that time they cancelled our flight and lost our luggage at. Christmas. right? When we slept on mats in the middle of the airport and listened to the lady telling people how to get on and off the train without causing bodily harm all. night. long. When we got a measly $10 in food vouchers. When they redirected us to Cincinnati.

3. I bought a new pair of tennis shoes. Phil505 says they're not really tennis shoes, they're cross trainers. People who play tennis wear tennis shoes. Can you tell he's got a physical fitness and sports management background?

4. I'm still calling them tennis shoes, thank you very much.

5. I wrote up an office referral today for a kid. First time this year I sent somebody to the principal's office. Sometimes teachers have to do these things for our own sanity.

6. My sister, as of this morning, will now live the rest of her life without a gall bladder. And for the next few days will get to enjoy some happy pills.

7. I'm sure the happy pills will make it all worth while. It'll be like holding the baby for the first time after being in labor for 24+ hours and then giving birth with a breathing coach (aka - me) who counted too slow.

8. Ya, that's what she told me. I counted too slow.

9. Like I know how fast to count for someone having a baby??????? It was my first time. Geez Louise. Give me a break.

10. Phil505 has Saturday off. So we're going on a date. To the zoo. Because he says that I need to experience it before I take kids there on a field trip. So I'll get to go to the zoo twice in a week. Is he not the sweetest thing???

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Kellie said...

Glad you are getting to go home. :) Enjoyed your "ten" this week!