Saturday, May 8, 2010

making paper roses

You may recall a few posts back the little video tutorial on making paper roses. Or maybe you don't. Whatever. I'm ok with it either way. Well, I fell in love with paper roses. I've been making them non-stop, and teaching my class how to make them, all week long. It's gotten so bad that Phil505 thinks I need to write a song called "Paper Roses." I want to write a song that tells people how to make paper roses, but he thinks that making paper roses should be symbolic.

When I figure out what the heck the the symbolism is, I'll let you all know.

Here's the card I made for my mom for Mother's Day. An ecclectic little mixture of pinks and greens and light blue. And how 'bout that stick, ladies and gentlemen? I cut that out freehand. Go ahead, marvel at that thought. I sent it priority mail, and I hope the USPS doesn't let me down.
I made little accordian folding books with old patterened paper that I had won at a Creative Memories crop some time ago. Got some heavy tag board in the craft closet at school, used some white cardstock that I bought in a 200 pack from Walmart, and whipped these up while watching the Biggest Loser on Tuesday night. The kids all made their own roses. Not bad for a 6 year old, eh? I used the cricut to cut the I Love You and let them stick their pictures and decorations on the inside. They loved it. I kept telling them, "You guys are real scrapbookers now." They acted as if they had just won the lottery or something.

Then we had a little lesson on making polka dots with bingo stampers. Four dots in the first row, move down, three dots in the next row. It's all about patterns with them. But somewhere along the way, some of them lost the whole move down to the next row thing. Here's the result. . .our decorated paper gift bags. They totally crack me up.

While a little time-consuming, this was a cheap class project.
Each child got six 2X3" pictures - $2.12
I bought four pieces of double sided patterned paper for the roses - $4.25
And I used one and a half big crafting glue sticks that I already had.

There better be at least one mom that cries when she opens this thing. That's all I'm sayin'.

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bmarquez said...

I know if I got one of those cards the tears would be flowin. Emily was close to crying when she saw hers. Of course that may have been the gift card for Baja Fresh inside.

Thanks for teaching me how to make roses too. I sat in front of the tv for a few hours making them this afternoon. Not sure what to do with them now except admire.

You're the best Wendy B.