Wednesday, May 5, 2010

note to random people

Dear Costco Photo Department Lady,

Thank you for finally finding my precious little first graders' Mother's Day project pictures, even though you made me feel like I had lost my ever-loving mind when you said there was no record of me sending them to you last night. I knew I hadn't left them in my online shopping cart, nor did I think I sent them to a different store. A quick call to my trusty sidekick, Phil505, confirmed that, I indeed, was not crazy. Thank you for allowing me to hand you the confirmation number that had been emailed to me last night by your people and checking again. On three different computers. Because they were there all along. Thank you for apologizing and for surprising me by kindly applying the 9 cent per print coupon even though I didn't have it with me. I'm saving it for a much bigger order. So watch for me, I'll be back later this week. You'll remember who I am. I'm the nice lady that didn't get all in your face for momentarily losing my pictures.

NE 138th Costco Photo Department Customer

1 comment:

Kellie said...

I love your notes to random people. lol Glad you got your pictures!