Thursday, March 18, 2010

flashback friday #19

I've been feeling a little under the weather this week, thanks in part to about four kids I remember coughing all over me last week. They gave me their bug. And it was highly unpleasant. I thought I was going to hack up a lung. My head's been in a fog, my brain's been oozy, the humidifier's been taking the night shifts, and I've been self-medicating with over the counter decongestant/chesty cough sorts of things. I've taken naps after school and gone to bed early. I've eaten more Chicken & Stars soup than any grown adult should. I've coughed and gagged and coughed some more. But yesterday afternoon, I finally made a turn for the better.
Now we're keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that I didn't give it to Phil. Because we'd like for once in our married life to go to the beach on spring break and not have one of us be sick.

Here's a look back thanks to the ghosts of spring breaks past. . .
photo circa March 2006
Cannon Beach

photos circa March 2007

off-centered self portrait :)

Rockaway Beach

me with flippy hair at Rockaway

evening walk on Rockaway Beach

photos circa March 2008

hanging out in Newport

windy, rainy, sometimes sunny Depoe Bay

best whale watching spot in the world

photos circa 2009

Haceta Head Lighthouse

Oregon Dunes near Florence, OR

Here's to spring break 2010! May she be as restful and relaxing as I'm hoping she'll be.

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