Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Spring break is going great.

I know you were wondering. Because I've seen on my ticker thing that I've had some visitors.

The beach was awesome. A little on the windy side, but quite sunny.
I took my scrapbook to journal, a book to read, and bought some paper to write some letters.
Didn't do any of that.
There were migrating whales to watch. LOTS of whales.

I never get tired of watching whales.

I saw one in the Depoe Bay Whale Watching Place and got a sticker from the ranger.

I told Phil505, "Barbara is going to be so jealous."

We watched some surfer dudes and saw a dead sea lion.

Don't worry, I only took pictures of the surfer dudes. Not the dead sea lion.
We had a great view from our room.
We were way up on a cliff. High enough to see whales.
I told you our hotel was going to be tsunami-free.
Today we went window shopping for bushes.

The kind lady at the nursery told us it wasn't our fault that five bushes died.

She said that every single one of that particular kind of bush in everybody's yards died in the great freeze of 2009.

That made us feel better.

She also told us that there is such a thing as dwarf hydrangeas.

The blue ones get my vote.

I'm ready to plant flowers. It being so spring-like and all.

I cleaned out the old dead flowers in my pots out back and we did some weeding.

We enjoyed the sun, went to Walmart, and almost killed a guy on a motorcycle.

And just in time for tomorrow, the rain will be back.

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Kellie said...

Glad you had fun on your trip!! What a view you had! :) Glad you didn't kill that guy on the way to Walmart!