Thursday, February 25, 2010

never fear, walgreens is here

You can all sleep well tonight, faithful readers. After two Walmarts, two Fred Meyers, and three grocery stores I decided to go to Walgreens. Don'tcha know they had two big jars of Noxzema and I bought them both. No, the checkout lady did not look at me all weird for buying two jars. Yes, I would've bought more if they would've had it. I was about to resort to buying it off Amazon. I'd have to get four jars and pay for shipping - which, in a pinch, I would've done.

Check out the fancy new look! The lid's all silvery. And how 'bout that X!!!


Kellie said...

LOL.... glad you got your "Xema", girl. :)

Paul Smith said...
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Paul Smith said...

Wendy this is Luci not never fail to make me smile. I love reading your blog.