Friday, May 8, 2009

dear dad, please don't let mom read this

I've been searching the internet over for an idea for a Mother's Day card to make for my mom (because all my good ideas are stolen off the internet). And in one of the blogs I occasionally read I saw a link to "flower pot card," so I clicked and immediately went running for my Cricut. I used the George cartridge for the flowers and the Home Accents cartridge for the leaves. The step-by-step directions are located here. If I made another one, I'd make the flower pot a little bit bigger. But it sure is cute!

The directions didn't say to whack off the bottom of the note, but I did because it wasn't sitting right in the flower pot. And I think I might chalk up the edges of the flowers a little bit.

So, you know, dear readers, I have to share these things with you ~ because you still might need a card for your mom too. And what's really awesome is that everything I used was right here in my stash!

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bmarquez said...

I love it!! In a month I'll be needing a birthday card for my mom. Thanks for the idea.