Friday, May 8, 2009

26 reasons

We finally finished our top secret Mother's Day gifts today. Hallelujah, because this project nearly put me over the edge. We call this little tag book "26 Reasons Why I Love My Mom." They had to think of a word or phrase for each letter of the alphabet. Twenty-six letters, 26 reasons.

It involved several pictures of each child, three colors of cardstock and three different patterned papers (two of which were polka dots because I heart polka dots). There were three different ribbons to tie on to the binder ring, and I used punches for everything else. The tag punch is from Creative Memories and is maybe 2-3 inches high. I had a Susan Branch alphabet stamp set and a brown ink pad for the letters.
{Please note: if there are any moms of kids in my class reading this before Sunday, you must hit the X in the top right corner of your screen immediately.}
Sorry about the poor picture quality. Here's the cover.
A couple peeks at the letter pages. . .

Ahhh. . .takes me to bowling! Love that one.

We pulled out the dictionaries for a few letters because some are just hard, but I think most of the kids did the old XOXOXO for the letter X.

Then we made and decorated an envelope to put them in. They had a few extra punched pieces left for this.

They turned out really cute and I love how they show the personalities of the kids. One girl for U put "unlikes turkey heart." I had to ask her about that one because I didn't get it, and she told me that at Thanksgiving, she and her dad eat turkey heart, but her mom always gets grossed out.

I think I managed to buy everything I needed either on sale at Craft Warehouse or at Walmart - lower prices everyday, printed some pictures real cheap at Costco, and got two sets of pictures donated. So this ended up being around $2.50 a kid. Not bad for the old arts and crafts budget.

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