Wednesday, April 29, 2009

how to see about 1/8 of the state of oregon in two short days

First of all, have a good friend like me who's married to a guy from the northwest who just so happens to be a born natural at the whole tour guide thing.

Wahkeena Falls, Columbia River Gorge
Second, get a long weekend off school (that's enough to make any teacher smile real big).
Cape Kiwanda, Oregon Coast
Third, get a good deal on tickets (which will make you smile real big).
Women's Forum Viewpoint, Columbia River Gorge
And when those stars all align, you end up with a fabulous mini-get-a-way.
Latourell Falls, Columbia River Gorge
*Please note: I'm not sure if what we saw is even close to 1/8 of the state of Oregon. Thank you, Jody, for coming out to visit us. I had a blast and it was good for my soul! And I'm not really all into that whole "stars aligning" stuff.

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Kellie said...

Looks like y'all had a fantastic time. Glad she could come see you!!!