Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the proof is in the frosting

A teacher friend (and I'm too tired right now to look up her randomly assigned number) told me about this awesome little place in Portland near the Pearl called Saint Cupcake. She's taken her kids there quite a few times, and we were going to go one Saturday, but got distracted in the store A Joy Forever Scrapbooks (go figure). So when my friend Jody came last weekend from Nashville for the world's quickest trip to the west, I knew we had to go.

The sweet smell is almost overwhelming when you walk in the door. It seems as if you are breathing in the frosting. Here are a few of their delightful cupcakes. I almost went for the 2nd ones over - carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. But, I changed my mind at the last minute.

Here are our yummy choices: Phil ~ toasted coconut cream; me ~ chocolate with cream cheese frosting; Jody ~ vanilla with chocolate buttercream frosting & some Stumptown Coffee.

Phil took a bite and said, "This is unlike any cupcake I've ever had." And even though I'm not a fan of coconut, I'm going to have to agree. The cupcake part itself was so moist and chock full of flavor, and that cream cheese frosting melted in my mouth. I was in cupcake heaven (as is evidenced by the licking of my fingers in the picture below).

The best part of all is that Saint Cupcake is only a couple blocks away from where Phil parks his car everyday. I told him he could stop in there and bring me home a cupcake any old time. And I am now determined to bake a chocolate cake from scratch. I've been a Duncan Hines girl up til now. So if any of you faithful readers have a good recipe, send it my way!

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Kellie said...

YUMMY!! They look awesome!! Why don't you just send one to me... it should taste and look the same by the time it reached NC, right?????? Chocolate butter cream, please....