Sunday, April 5, 2009

first post from the new residence

We're moved!!! Not completely unpacked, of course, because I'll unpack something and put it away, then decide I'd like it better over here. Totally in love with this place right now. Loving the pantry (which happens to be ideally located in the kitchen) where I can put all the food in one location. Loving all the kitchen counter space. Loving the lazy Susan. Loving all the natural light. Loving that I don't have to go up and down stairs anymore. Loving that my piano can rejoin the living room furniture. Loving the water and ice from the fridge door. Loving that there are outlets everywhere. Loving that I discovered this morning before church if stand in just the right spot in the kitchen or back patio I can see Mt. Hood!

We were blessed with a tremendous amount of help moving yesterday. I am so thankful for my friend Barbara who came and helped me finish up the kitchen. I was taping boxes and she was packing. She was awesome! I unpacked a pitcher this evening and it felt heavy as I was lifting it out of the box. I took off the lid and found a container of vinegar. Such ingenuity!

Here's a peek into the madness of the moment. It's getting there . . .

I'm feeling very thankful today for how God provided this amazing place for us to live.


Kellie said...

I am SO happy for you, Wendy!! God provided such a wonderful place for y'all... in the right time. :) I can't wait to see how it all looks when you get everything put where you want it. Enjoy every minute of it!! I still feel like this and we've been in our house for 12 years. :)

bmarquez said...

WOW! You have been busy. The place is looking like home now. Where are the pictures of your scrapbook room and the garage???