Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ten on tuesday - the moving edition

1. I'm wondering when the box emptying will come to an end. How did we acquire so many books? What, more kitchen stuff? Where are the remotes? And where in the world are the payment slips for my car?

2. There are new noises one must get used to when moving into a new place. The ice machine freaks me out. Every single time it drops ice into the ice container in the freezer, I think the boogy-man is coming to get me. It happens late at night when I'm sitting at the table grading papers. It happened this morning when I was checking email. It sounds like someone is knocking on the door. And I jump out of my skin every time.

3. We have way more kitchen stuff than we'll ever need in this lifetime. I'm starting a "get rid of it" pile. And I'm wondering if there's ever a neighborhood garage sale thing. Cause I could probably roll in some big bucks.

4. I can't find my Trendy Wendy glasses. And I need them because the lenses are messed up and Kaiser Permanente sent me my little post card saying that my new lenses are in. I'm thinking that maybe they're still in the apartment. We've still got some summer clothes and some bathroom stuff and the dishwasher to unload and coats hanging in the closet. . .(ya, we're not quite done moving yet).

5. According to our property manager, we are the first renters to ever use the dining room as the dining room.

6. But from what I hear, as soon as we can afford to invest in some bar stools (we're checking Craig's List), we'll be eating in the kitchen anyway, despite the fact that we have a dining room.

7. We get south sun in the family room. Which means that our back yard & patio get south sun all day too. Which means I'm going to have some awesome tomato plants growing back there this summer. And peppers. And lavender. And herbs. And maybe some cucs.

8. We have to pay $40 to the post office to get a key to our mailbox. And we aren't even sure where our mailbox thing-a-ma-bob is yet.

9. The people two houses down from us still have their Christmas lights up. I'm just sayin'. . .

10. On Sunday morning, after I woke up, I sat up in bed and looked across the hall at the scrapbook room window and said to my half-sleeping husband, "That window is sooooo far away!" Then I went to the kitchen to get a drink of freshly filtered water from the door of the fridge, and as I was walking down the hall I shouted gleefully, "This house is so big!" I'm sure my husband was thinking, "I can't believe I married this woman." But hey, after two and a half years cramped in an upstairs apartment, one has the right to be happy.

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Kellie said...

Hee hee... that made me laugh. Glad you are enjoying your new place. You'll get used to the ice machine soon enough. :)