Friday, April 3, 2009

friday foolishness

So it seems like I shook you guys up a little there on April Fool's Day! Sorry for the drama, but I thought it was quite funny myself. One friend who comments via email said she nearly had a heart attack. Sorry, Gig. But I was just on a roll that day. I pulled a really good one on my class. I had secretary 55 call my cell phone and I pretended like she was Phil. As it turns out, we had to move that day. . .and, what? I can't move today. I don't even have my kitchen packed yet. . .What? we if we don't move in today we don't get the house? Are you serious? But it's too late to get a sub. OK. . .I'll figure something out. The looks on their faces was priceless! I put my coat on, grabbed my bag and purse, threw my lesson plan book down on one of the boy's desks, told him he was in charge and wrote a list of things they could do on the board. Then I walked out of the school, right past the window where they could all see me leaving. So much fun :) Of course I came back shortly thereafter and they were all so relieved, especially the boy I put in charge! This is about the fifth year that I've done this particular little April Fool's joke, but this one was the best because they all knew we were moving. They grabbed it hook, line, and sinker.

I'd do a flashback Friday, but all my pictures are in boxes. I'm sure you understand.

This week has been the week of insanity. Phil's car died last Friday, so I got to get up at 3:45 am three days this week and take him to work in downtown Portland by 4:30. Then I had to teach. And try to pack. And get grades caught up for report cards. We finally got his car back Wednesday night (cost a small fortune) - which is the same day we signed the lease on the house and got to see it empty. In the midst of the insanity, at worship team practice that night, my pastor's wife gave me a ticket to see Beth Moore in a couple weeks. Another lady got it but now can't go, so I'm the blessed receiver. Sweet! Last night we took a trunkload of stuff over to the house, and I decided to grab all the plants and take them over too. There's just something about house plants that says, "Welcome Home!" Later I stayed up to watch the final episode of ER. I was a big fan toward the end of college (I remember watching the one where Dr. Green delivers a baby and the mother dies and he has to go tell the father with my roommates. We all sat there and bawled and bawled and bawled. That was the one that got me hooked.) but I haven't really been that into it lately. It was fun to see it go. Fortunately today the kids did not have school and that turned out to be my saving grace. I got to sleep in a little and work on grades all day. I'm not done, but I'm definitely further along than I was this morning.

So, you might not be hearing from me for a few days. But I'll be back. Cause this blog is still open for business.

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Sandra said...

Sounds like a busy week! Ah...good ol' ER. Remember the episode when Kelly Martin and Dr. Carter were stabbed in the exam room by the crazy guy? It was a year or so out of college. I went in to work, met my friend Amy who was also a fan and we had no words. It was, "Did you see..." and "Can you believe what happened..." at the same time. Of course when George Clooney left the show, it became dead to me. :) Hope the packing goes well. Can't wait to see pictures of your new digs with all of your stuff in it!