Monday, March 9, 2009

the weekend went by too fast

Friday night - flute recital practice for Averie; take out Chinese from Safeway (which is a grocery store, but their Chinese selection isn't half bad, and you get a full meal deal for two for only $9.99.); lounging; read some of The Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life; little bit of laundry; thought about digging out my flute to play, then decided against it.

Saturday morning - cleaned; read blogs; listened to flute music; washed dishes; more laundry.

Saturday afternoon - played piano for Averie's flute recital; yacked with a bunch of church people; came back home; more laundry.

Saturday evening - dinner date: calzones at Old Chicago Pizza & Chris Tomlin concert (it was awesome); surprised that Christy Nockels (from the group Watermark which no longer exists) was there to sing backup; totally love her; super excited to hear she's got a new solo album coming out because she's just too good of a singer to be a stay at home mom; set clocks ahead and lost an hour sleep.

Sunday morning - graded papers; baked coffee cake; stayed home from church; went house hunting; got irritated that 'Randy' never bothered to show up or call us back about a town house we were scheduled to see; thought about flagging him on Craig's List.

Sunday afternoon - still house hunting; no Sunday afternoon nap; stopped at Walmart because we were out of everything.

Sunday evening - made scalloped potatoes; graded papers for way too long; crashed at 9:30 still feeling totally unprepared for the week.

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