Friday, January 23, 2009

not a whole lot goin' on

After our trip to Rocky Butte on Monday afternoon, I started feeling sick. I thought maybe I'd let it slide by this time. I thought the Clorox wipes would be enough. But alas, it was not meant to be. The 13 kids in my room that were snotting and sneezing all over the place last week got me. With their germs. Yuck. By Tuesday afternoon, it was starting to feel like I was crying uncontrollably because my eyes wouldn't stop watering. I did something unprecedented. Something I rarely ever do. Because I hate the prep work involved. I took a sick day. I somehow managed to throw enough stuff in a semi-orderly fashion on my desk for a very nice lady to take over for me, and then I spent most of Wednesday on the couch. Except for the half hour or so when I had Phil take me to Walmart for my drug and Chicken and Stars supply.

I summoned the minimal amounts of energy for school on Thursday and went back. To children who wanted to argue all day. I tried to get them to be reasonable. I tried to use the "your teacher is sick, so be nice" lines. They didn't work. All they wanted to do was argue. All. Day. Long. With me, with each other, (and probably some of them) with themselves.

It wasn't good on Thursday. Something strange was going on in my body. Have you ever seen those Guiness Book of World Record shows? Remember the lady who drinks milk and makes it squirt out her eyes? Well, every time I'd blow my nose, my left eye would squirt. And I'm not talking milk. My sister thinks this is just hilarious and has been happy to tell everyone she knows. Having experienced it myself, I find it quite bizarre.

Thanks to the Nyquil/Dayquil combo pack and lots of Vick's Vapo-Rub, I'm finally feeling better today. No more squirting eyes. And it was just a report card prep day, so no kids allowed! I was very productive and got lots graded. Sadly, I'm a procrastinator by nature, and have lots more to go. Yeah for the weekend!

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Kellie said...

Hate you have felt badly this week... that is NOT fun to be at school and in charge while those around you are running in circles, calling your name, and, in your case... arguing! Hope this weekend gets you back on track! :)