Friday, January 23, 2009

flashback friday #12

Ahhh. . . those were the days. photo circa August, 1987 at Word of Life Ranch, National Jr. High Teens Involved - where Steve Scott, on trombone, beat me and my flute solo out of 1st place. Yes, I'm still bitter about that. Those judges didn't know jack squat. I came home with the consolation prize of a 2nd place trophy and a picture of me with Jack Wyrtzen.

The days of the Kodak Disk. My first camera. Remember the little wheel of film? 15 pictures. . . no more, no less. Then I'd send it off in the mail to York Photo Labs and wait impatiently for the prints to show up in my mailbox. How I loved that little camera. I think, at the time, I also loved my hair all feathery and stiff (seriously, how much Rave hair spray did I have use?) and those ultra big glasses too. They take up half my face.


Sandra said...

Aaahhh...the feathered hair and big glasses. I'm getting flashbacks to my days in junior high as well. The same Steve Scott from wolbi? The fiend. Hope your feeling better for the weekend!

Kellie said...

HAHHAHAHA... I remember that camera so well... we had one and we just thought it was AWESOME because you could take repeated pictures fast. My Dad's also had a timer so the person taking it could jump in the picture.

Love the glasses. I had some of those, too. lol

Kristen said...

is that your mom?